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i had an associate manager at work ask me what my sexual orientation was one time

It just would have been nice to have been taken seriously at the time, is all. That’s really what bothers me.

Ever since I relapsed a few months ago I’ve been thinking about the Straight Edge community on this website that I was a member of. I’ve met some really cool people there, but when I tried to talk about the issues I was having at the time I was met with really condescending, jokey responses. I don’t think breaking edge is a necessarily funny concept. Maybe it’s because people don’t consider that one might not be straight edge just because they liked the scene and dislike substances.
I suppose I was probably looking for support in the wrong place, but sobriety (and addiction) as a joke in a sober community seems really wrong to me.
Just wanted to put that out there. No offense intended to anyone, I’m just digesting my personal history.

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The somewhat constant emotional abuse I receive from my father’s side of my family is really starting to cut close to the bone.

turns out paypal has been defaulting to my grandmother’s credit card instead of mine for like the last month… great

*gets overwhelmed by feelings*

haha, i love this!!!