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ryan -- perpetually unshaven

The amount of weird shit that has happened to me in relationships let me tell you. I could write a book or at least a long text post

One of my girlfriends broke up with me essentially because I was going through a bout of depression at the time and was therefore unable to be completely cheery and bright

I’m in so much physical distress right now I can’t stop coughing and I feel like I’m gonna die

Finna stop smoking

One time a girl that I knew that had a crush on me flipped out at me so I stopped talking to her. A few months later she texted me from a number I didn’t know and she was offended that I didn’t know it was her. Even though I had only had her email address. People are weird

two of my friends called me chubby last week

it’s that time of the night where i aggressively hate myself

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feels like my nose is bleedin

lovin these allergies

I’ve kinda forgotten what it feels like to purely like someone. Not lust, just what it’s like to adore the person they are.

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