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6 Classic Dad Texts

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First look at Roy Harper in full Arsenal attire! [x]

do u want these dating chicks to get off anon or something?

It’s just one of those ask memes, no one has to do anything, it’s more of just a novelty exercise than an actual “come off anon” exercise.

Still taking dating ones? Female, white, 5'7, blue hair. Watches too much TV, reads too much science fiction. Basically a huge nerd. Likes being outside and walking around in nature. Also loves going to shitty house shows to listen to music.

Good chance I would date you.


Male. 26. White. Heterosexual. Egalitarian. Anti-feminist. Conservative. Libertarian. Confederate. Traditionalist. Nationalist. Fascist. Redditor. Brony. Atheist. Religion is the opiate of the masses.

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